Visual identity and touchpoints for a Helsinki-based gender-neutral fashion brand, Nomen Nescio. Their collection is sustainable, seasonless, minimal and mostly in black.

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The project began when the founders of Nomen Nescio, Timo and Niina Leskelä, asked us to develop their brand further to reflect the quality of their products.

The challenge was to create a minimalistic yet warm and timeless look to communicate the brand's values. The Nomen Nescio symbol was designed to work as a base for the visual identity. It embodies the brand's identified themes: an "anonymous or unnamed person", placeholder, non-binary gender in passport or ID card, unknown quantity or variable and cross-stitch. The symbol provides a geometric base for grids and the placeholder symbol.

The placeholder symbol or product codes were used in many contexts instead of photographs or graphics. This reflects the brand's minimalistic approach and the meaning of the name. It creates a sense of anonymity, minimalism and timelessness.

The main goal of the project was to increase the brand's international awareness. A graphic foundation was created and then applied to every touchpoint. Everything from labels to store signage, website, packaging and photo style was designed.

We collaborated with Neubau Berlin to construct the initial branding, iconographic and typographic system. By leading the project and QA, we achieved a holistic visual quality through different mediums. The new identity was revealed at the opening of the flagship store in Helsinki.

Viiksimaisteri built the timeless, minimalistic yet playful Shopify e-commerce site based on HTML prototype designs.

The new look reflects the brand's core ethos. The focus was on bringing out the details of the clothing for the user.

This project is featured in Siteinspire,, Minimal Gallery, Klikkenthéke, The Responsive, Godly website and more.


Brand identity
Art direction
Visual design
Photo concept
UX design
Web design
Project Lead

Art direction:
Erno Forsström

Website design:
Erno Forsström

Erno Forsström & Stefan Gandl

Nomen Nescio Pro by Stefan Gandl, Neubau

Website code:

Duotone & Nomen Nescio

Website producer:
Pasi Kortström

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